Totem Animal Spirit Jewelry
Here are just a few of the various designs for copper bracelets
Various styles of pendants in silver some without stone set, as stones are your choice.
Various other style of pendants or stone Totem Carvings
All jewelry are under the respected individual copyright holder stamped on jewelry.

Copper, Silver and Brass hand tooled Bracelets and pendants are under the following copyrights
Totem Animal Spirit Jewelry is under copyright of Richard RedHawk Saunders 1980 1990 2000
Totem Animal Spirit Speaks is a copyright of Richard RedHawk Saunders  1990, 2000

Items under copyright cannot be reproduced in any manner without the express written permission of the copyright holder/s
Totem Animal Pendants are under copyright and are all hand tooled, some are pictured without stones set this is because you hae a choice of stones from the list at bottom of page.

All bracelets and their designs are under copyright and are hand tooled from copper with brass and silver items on the bracelets
Stones used are of the cabachon style if you desire a faceted stone this will be higher in price.

Stones Avaliable at present
Moss Agate

A complete list will be posted within the week
Todays date is 26 Sept 2007
1/2" plain is 5.00  design 12.00  custom design 16.00
1"                  8.00               18.00                             23.00
1 1/2"          12.00               22.00                             26.00
2"                18.00               24.00                             28.00

1 1/2"           12.00                16.00                            20.00
1 3/4"           16.00                20.00                            23.00
2"                 18.00                23.00                            29.00

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the market value of precious metals (silver)
The stones below are the choice that are in stock for the jewelry on this page
Moss Agate
Rainbow Moonstone  
Blue Lace Agate Howlite
MOP (Mother of Pearl)
Snowflake Obsidian