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Spirit Sticks or Talking Stick

The Spirit Stick or as some call the Talking Stick can be made of various items such as wood, antler, leather and or feathers, it depends on the geographical region as to the materials available.

The use of this tool is not limited to the name placed upon this instrument.

These on this page are made of Deer Antler. Usually the piece is made using the top part of the antler where there are form points. Usually Two points  but is not necessary.

These will have a stone usually quartz (crystal) at the base below where the tow point connect. The Crystal is pointing away from the tips of the antlers. and will have stones outside or place beneath the crystal inside the antler for added tools of the Stone People. Some come with fur and or feathers attache it depends the calling of the individual instrument being assembled.

The Deer represents the spirit of the Grandmother and Grandfathers in many of the Native American traditions. This is the representation of the ancient knowledge, gentleness, growth, wisdom, nurturing energy, protection, and lessons taught along with the attributes one of caution as well as trust.
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