How to select your Personal Totem Animals
Here is the form to use to select your personal totem animals. You can either use one of the Totem animal card decks or draw from your experience through your life to  set your totem animals. This is done only once in your lifetime and so you will need to write them down and put this in a safe place. now your animals that work with you will be more than the 9 listed in this basic exercise. This is not to say that the ones selected have not been there they have and always will be there just they know when it is time to allow another animal to enter so that you may draw from their energies or have something they need to pass on to you because you may have asked a question  or some such need to impart information to you.
Starting here:

This is your personal totem animal guides. They are to be drawn once in your life. The first sever are selected either from your experiences or drawn from one of the many Totem Animal Card Decks that are available. Or you may ask me to do a drawing for you.
The first seven will be covered then the last two for the total of 9 will be done last.

Your first Totem Animal is from the:
EAST_____________________ this animal represents the place of your birth, this is your guide through your life's challenges for your spirit and the guardian to knowledge.
Your second Totem Animal is from the:
SOUTH_________________________ this one represents our youth, the child within, this one teaches to trust yourself as well as who to trust. Challenge here is balance and harmony as well as modesty (never brag you may loose as spirit has a unique way to humble us)
Your 3rd Totem Animal represents the :
WEST________________________ this represents our middle age. It teaches inner truths to the questions surrounding your mission and goals in life. This one Challenge  is to watch how you walk as well as where.
The 4th Totem Animal is from the :
NORTH______________________ this one represents our old age, this animal speaks of the ancient wisdom that the Grandrather's have passed on to you. Listen to their council and thank them rot he knowledge they have imparted to you. Your challenge here is to speak with HONOR and listen with the enthusiasm of the child. AS the ONLY thing we own in this life here on this big blue marble is our  WORDS.
Your 5th Totem animal is from:
ABOVE__________________ and this is the higher self and the connection to that which was is to be. Your challenges here is to remember from where you came. Use this well and walk with the spirit of the ancestors past of the stars as this is your guardian of the knowledge.
This Totem Animal is the 6th and is from:
BELOW______________________ here in this plane of existence your are now in, the connection to all that is and you grounding point. Here the challenge is remember you walk on EARTH MOTHER and remain grounded in her knowledge and energies, this way you will always be on guard and that your life's path is in focus at all times.
Your 7th Totem animal is from:
WITHIN____________________ this Totem is the being that you are, be proud of who you are and from where you have come, always remain in the fact that you are a  SACRED SPIRIT, that you are the creators force. Your challenge here  is there must always be the HONOR that is you and other will understand and trust who you are. This is basically Walk your Talk.
Now for the last two who are just as important as the other 7.
The first discussed is the 8th which is your :
LEFT SIDE ________________________ This one has appeared to you many time in your life and the left side is considered the Teacher, as this is where your energies are drawn into the self.
You may be familiar with this Totem Animal and as such use this one or you may draw form the deck of cards the choice is yours.
This is considered the connection to Grandmother and the nurturing, teaching side of the Totems. Your quest here is to maintain BALANCE within yourself.
NUMBER 9 is from:
Your Right Side_______________________ This is the protector your connection to Grandfather and all that is.
You may recognize this Totem Animal from the many  trials, and lessons in this life or you may draw from the deck. This animal represents Protection, Courage, Strengths. They will help you understand your emotional lows your challenges and trials in this life just listen and accept their help, and above all never forget to acknowledge their existence and help they provide you in you life time.